Share experiences. Gain perspective. Accelerate your business.

Join a CONEXPO Connect executive advisory peer group to uncover that next breakthrough idea that accelerates your construction business to the next level.

  • Groups consist of 6 to 8 top-performing construction business leaders with shared experiences and in non-competing markets. 

  • Meet in-person at least 2x per year plus scheduled conference calls.

  • Develop valuable long-term professional relationships with your "personal board of advisers".

  • Groups moderated by executive coaches with years of experience working in the construction industry.


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Attend Your First Meeting At No Cost

Attend your first meeting at no cost (other than shared group expenses). Meet the facilitation team, experience the meeting format, and participate in discussion before committing to the program.  

Read more about our peer groups, including meeting formats and participant selection criteria.

Talk with an executive coach to learn more.
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Construction Executive Peer Group Testimonials

Here's what other contractor business owners and executives have to say about participating in a executive peer group moderated by Maxim Consulting, our peer group facilitator.

“What it means to me to have a peer group is to have a group who knows the industry and struggles we face in the industry.  A group who is able to call out when I haven’t put a great plan together or to support good ideas through shared experiences.  We joined our current peer group at $58M and now we are on track to double it.  We opened up new offices, implemented new software, sold shares to employees, got clarity around myself and the direction of the company.”

– Seth Anderson, CEO, Weifield Group Electrical Contracting, Centennial, CO

“Meeting with peer companies and a professional moderator is a great recipe. The moderator provides structure and fresh, relevant subject matter. The peers provide validation.”

– Frank Pancoast, President, Pancoast & Clifford, West Chester, PA

“The power of a peer group…For me it is hard to believe that I would be where I am today without the support and lessons that I learned from my peer group.  To live and grow from others’ experiences, both their failures and successes, has been tremendous for me and my company.  I truly believe I have a competitive advantage over anyone who’s leadership is not involved in a peer group.”

– Scott Farrell, President, i2 Construction, Denver, CO

“The value I receive by belonging to the Peer group essentially comes from the other members and our facilitator. Having the forum to openly and confidentially discuss our businesses, business plans, issues, ideas, successes with like-minded individuals in a non-compete environment has provided me with great insight to further grow my company. The take away tools we learn at each session has assisted me in driving constant improvement within my company.”

– Jim Alibrandi, President, Interstate Electrical Services, North Billerica, MA

“I have enjoyed being part of our peer group for the last 11 years. You have assembled a great group of companies that are eager to learn, willing to share their ideas and to get challenged on their current approaches. A successful peer group is a team of companies who believe in the concept of continuous improvement, as we do. We have learned so much from your expertise, the subject matter experts you have brought to our meetings and from everyone member of our peer group. The wealth of knowledge available to our company through the peer group is amazing. We have had a very strong growth in our service offering, revenue and profit margin in the last 10 years. Joining a strong peer group is one of the most signification contributing factors to our success.”

-- Mahmood Ghassemi, PE, President, Sequoyah Electric, Redmond, WA

“We believe that joining a peer group is one of the best investments of time and money that we have made. It provides us with insight into the business models of other firms and group accountability for our actions.”

– David Nace, President, Wickersham Construction & Engineering, Lancaster, PA

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