Group Structure and Other Important Details

Other peer groups exist, but few are specific to the construction industry and bring the level of industry knowledge and specialization that our facilitator, Maxim Consulting, brings to CONEXPO Connect peer groups.

Maxim's team of construction professionals, benchmarking tools, and extensive partner network allow us to provide world class ideas and solutions to help you accelerate the development and profitability of your company.

Meeting Formats and Scope

We utilize a variety of meeting formats to drive the most value for each group. Once established, groups will determine the format and scope that works best for them. Formats include:

  • CEO Roundtable: Guided discussion around business challenges; share and learn from other executives

  • Peer Audit: Each meeting dives deep into auditing one member's business

  • Parallel Meetings: CEO roundtable format, but focused on a specific function or skill set within an organization

Your Commitment

  • Peer groups will meet at least two times per year, with meeting frequency determined by the group

  • Participants should expect to review and complete preparation materials before each meeting

  • Meeting locations will be decided by the group

  • Annual participation fee

  • Participants will cover their own travel expenses

  • Participants will also share group expenses

Try It For Free

You may attend your first CEO Roundtable at no cost (other than shared group expenses). This provides you with an opportunity to meet the facilitation team, experience the meeting format, and participate in discussion before committing to the program.

I'm interested, let's talk.

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